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ITSM market has been saturated with different vendors offering different solutions but with the same objective. Products of initial days are retired, and new products have taken the market place. Now, integrated incident & problem management with reporting & dashboard capabilities have become the core functionalities. Hence every vendor includes these features in its offering, whether it’s SaaS or on-premise based solution. Now, cloud presence is a significant & agile way to update has become a new trend in the market, which very few vendors have opted for. Licensing cost & subscription period may vary upon customer loyalty & reference, if any. Customers are purchasing better than earlier, with unparalleled flexibility of vendors to match the needs & tailor the best suite with thousands of Apps from their App store to choose from.


  • ServiceNow

It has an international reach with county sales support and strong brand recall among customers. It has grown its partner ecosystem with professional services in ITSM & ITOM. It has a diverse portfolio in acquiring Third Party ITOM partners like Dx Continuum, Qlue&Parlo to successfully sell its AI & ML add-ons to its ITSM product & services.

Though it has narrow support in upgrading the versions for customers, this can be harsh & strenuous on the part of customers after implementation. The organization with low I& O maturity struggle to exhibit a value for investment. Professional License costs significantly higher & bundling makes the product renewal very challenging.


  • Axio Systems

Its sole source of income comes from ITSM tools. This vendor specializes in different uses of its product, until now, it has been very versatile in its use by customers. It paves its product enhancement road map with communication with its customers who are largely state, local & education government customers worldwide. Relatively new in the market but it has grown its reach in Europe, North America & some parts of Asia.


  • BMC

It has four offerings in ITSM, namely, BMC HELIX, BMC HELIX REMADYFORCE, BMC FOOTPRINTS & BMC HELIX ITSM. BMC has a wide ITOM portfolio partnering with organizations that are mature I&O. It has cloud partners like Azure & AWS. Essentially their wide presence makes them very pricy as ITSM tools, but licensing & product ownership & renewals are very easy with their virtual chat. Along with the tool, the customer has to purchase digital Workplace Advanced for SaaS benefits.


  • Broadcom

It hosts multitenant architecture with MSP & has a broad portfolio of its ITOM service acquisition that integrates directly with the tool. With a licensing product agreement for Enterprise Software, Broadcom offers more than expected. It has virtual support & feature like UI modules, which sometimes lag the system.

  • Cherwell software

They offer a comprehensive service desk verified for 11 ITIL processes. It has demand across verticals like HR, IT for its reasonable cost & less problem in renewal. It supports SaaS as well as On-premises from MSP hosting sophisticated ITSM. It has global recognition & a wide network of ITOM partners.


  • EasyVista

It has its market in small & intermediate maturity customers with deeply rooted connections & delivering the solution in time. It has acquired Knowesia that is a self-help virtual agent. It has acquired a customer base in the USA & France through direct sales proposition with partner channels.


  • FreshWorks

They target customers with basic to advance maturity level & are enthusiastically marketing in industry forums, blogs to create customer perceptions. They have an agile approach to product update with the rolling release model &allows selection in capabilities.


  • IBM

Its offerings are in the field of ITSM products, control desk, mostly targeting customers with advanced I&O maturity. Having its customer base from America to Europe & Asia. The convergence of IBM Control Desk with IBM Maximo& EAM, IoT, is its strength.


  • Ivanti

It offers ITSM products along with service management products in various bundling & licensing options in security & ITOM solutions to custom products for customers. They target low to advanced maturity level organizations & communicate their presence through marketing campaigns, newsletters, and webinars, providing visibility into product enhancement.



To select the right vendor that matches customers, I&O maturity requires deep research about the vendor product & its solutions. With IT incident management topping the demand list, customers have ascertained the quality of Release governance, request & self-service management, SLA management & supportive analytics & reporting features. Vendors are increasingly developing non-I&O using products with innovation in deeper ITOM capabilities.


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